2016 Year in Review

Good to great stuff that happened this year:

  • Did the Polar Bear plunge for the sixth time (I think)
  • Read 74 books, will hopefully get to my goal of 75 before the ball comes down
  • Enjoyed the last 7 months of what turned out to be an 18 month sabbatical post-Amazon
  • Did some amazing hikes (Crescent Lake, Deception Pass (x3), Ruby Beach)
  • Went snowshoeing with Krystn
  • Went sledding with the Parkers
  • Spent my birthday in New Jersey with my family
  • Went out partying with my college roommates at the best bar in the World (Blackjack Mulligans)
  • Walked 75 miles of the Camino de Santiago in wonderful Spain
  • Saw my sister graduate with a BS in Nursing
  • Went to 4 US National Parks, 3 for the first time (Tetons, Shenandoah, Lassen)
  • Saw the Aurora Borealis
  • Camped on Ruby Beach with Krystn
  • Went on a crazy Alaskan cruise with my family
  • Rode bikes down a mountain with Keith
  • Got a job at the Gates Foundation
  • Went to Africa three times (!), visiting four countries for the first time (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda)
  • Put my feet in the Indian Ocean
  • Kissed a giraffe
  • Kayaked some great spots (the Yakima River with my love, the Nile with my teammates)
  • Went on some nice bike rides (Mercer Island, happy hour at Maggies Bluff, Bend)
  • Went on a road trip with Krystn to California again for the Gourmet Century bike ride
  • Spent a great Thanksgiving in Ohio 
  • Fed horses carrots and apples
  • Went on a safari in Kenya
  • Had an unbelievable time in Jinja, Uganda with my teammates
  • Visited amazing Arts District and Justine in LA with Keith
  • Went to an amazing tribute to Leonard Cohen and discovered a bunch of wonderful local artists
  • Spent another fun Christmas Eve at the Wedgewood Broiler with good friends
  • Drove through a magical snowstorm in eastern Washington after visiting Larisa and Sarah
  • Got pretty good at feeding hummingbirds
  • Attended and hosted some great Art Nights with Lola
  • Kept up a sketchbook exchange with Daphne for the fourth year. Started new ones with Justine and Kristina.

Shit things that happened this year:

  • Keith and I had a very hard beginning of the year.
  • The run-up to the election was never-ending and full of hate. Then that idiot got elected.
  • End of year, Keith was diagnosed with cancer.

​This is how I will get through this. I remember to balance all of the good with the shit. And I will keep moving.

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