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Can’t talk, gotta read.

There are only seven more days left this year and I have four more books to finish before I complete my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge. Will post more when I’m done!2017 Reading Challenge   Goodreads.png

3 responses to “Can’t talk, gotta read.”

  1. Good luck!! I’m practically walking around the house with my kindle in hand trying to beat my goal. 50 books in one year feels like so few in hindsight…


  2. So, how are you doing?


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I’m Victoria Griffith and am enthusiastic about an awful lot of things. I blog about some of them here, particularly about books and writing. My goal for 2023 is to write a #25wordbookreview for every book I read, and to post them here and on Goodreads.

I was born in Paterson NJ, call Seattle WA my home, and spend a bit of time out in the desert of Southern California. I try to get out to see as much of the world as time and money will allow. 

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