All About Love by bell hooks

This is my first book by bell hooks and won’t be my last. It’s 25 years old and a bit dated, as to be expected. #25wordbookreviews

“I think that part of what a culture of domination has done is raise that romantic relationship up as the single most important bond, when of course the single most important bond is that of community… We have to beware of the extent to which liberal individualism has actually been an assault on community. The notion that ‘real freedom’ is about not being interdependent, when the genuine staff of life is our interdependency, is our capacity to feel both with and for ourselves and other people.”

“… when we talk about radical openness as essential to the building of community, we have to be willing to hear the voices of people not like ourselves. We have to be willing to respect people’s different ways.”

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I’m Victoria Griffith and I am enthusiastic about a LOT of things. Pine trees and mushrooms and the desert. Ocotillos, motorcycles, travel, and photography. Friendship and writing and books and surviving the love of your life’s terminal diagnosis. I blog about some of these things here, mostly about books and writing, but about the other stuff now and then too.

I was born in Paterson NJ, call Seattle WA my home, and spend the winters in the desert of Southern California. I try to get out to see as much of the world as time and money will allow. 

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